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How WeightWatchers is helping organizations navigate what’s next

WeightWatchers' science and research-based legacy, nurturing communities of support, and innovative digital tools are well-positioned to help employers tackle today's challenges.


Change has been a collective and constant experience over the last couple of years – to say the least.

2020: Adapting to the immediate crisis of the pandemic

2021: Redefining work and well-being 

2022 + beyond: Navigating what’s next

It’s no surprise that employees are stressed, burned out, and exploring their options in record numbers. And that puts wellness and overall benefit strategies front and center for employees and employers alike.

Reimagining wellness at work

At WW (WeightWatchers), we’re focused on partnering with employers and organizations to provide easy access to wellness at work, with programs that meet employees where they are and provide the most engaging resources and support they need to adopt healthier habits and achieve their weight management and wellness goals.

But, in reaching the populations we serve, it is most certainly not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. 

At the highest level, we’ve seen two segments emerge in a (hopefully) post-pandemic world.

  • The first is made up of frontline workers – our teachers, healthcare workers, retail, etc – who needed to be onsite in the workplace throughout the pandemic. After the past two-plus years, these employees are still on the front line and their employers are seeking solutions to deal with the effects of prolonged stress, burnout, and turnover.

  • The second segment comprises employees at companies that quickly flexed to work from home during the pandemic and are now moving to hybrid models that combine office and work-from-home options. Their employers are focused on the best ways to embrace the much-welcomed flexibility without sacrificing collaboration or company culture.

Helping employers address challenges

Across both segments, employee health and well-being are at the heart of addressing the evolving employee – and business – needs.

After spending 20+ years developing health management programs in both large and small companies, I joined WW to lead the strategy in how to best bring WW’s membership to employers and organizations. As I’ve gotten to know the product, the organization, and our partners, my excitement about what – and how – WW can help companies and employees achieve engagement, health outcomes and cost savings continues to grow.

WW’s science and research-based legacy – combined with its deep and nurturing communities of support and innovative digital tools – are well-positioned to flex to address today’s challenges.
  • For companies with frontline workforces seeking solutions that empower self care, WW aligns proven weight management and wellness support across four pillars of well-being – food, exercise, mindset, and sleep. WW’s workshop and community platform offer each employee safe spaces for sharing with a focus on the importance of self-kindness, compassion, achievable steps and the celebration of wins.

  • For organizations navigating how to inspire health and wellness across hybrid or remote work environments, WW’s digital-first approach reinforces the employer’s commitment to personalized wellness resources and coaching that is easy to access anytime, anywhere. In addition, employees can connect to groups for those with shared professions, interests, experiences and passions.

  • And, for both segments, WW provides unique capabilities to help employers target weight management interventions to those that need it most. WW remains the most clinically studied and effective weight management solution in the world, with a proven track record delivering sustainable lifestyle changes and health outcomes that lead to reduced healthcare costs.

As you tackle these challenges and navigate what’s next, please reach out. I’d love to learn more about the changes you’re prioritizing, share perspectives on the shifting landscape, and talk about how WW is partnering to help organizations adapt.

In good health,


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