Weight-loss journeys are about A LOT more than a number on the scale

When people approach their weight-loss goals with a positive mindset and self-compassion, they see positive impacts on their physical and mental health.


The way our culture approaches body acceptance and weight loss is evolving. And while the body positivity movement isn’t new, it has been gaining steam in recent years. As a result, we’re collectively paying a lot of attention to how we can think about our bodies and our weight in healthier ways.
WeightWatchers is excited to be part of the cultural discussion. Sustainable weight loss that leads to better health outcomes, reduced health risks, and improved quality of life depends on support every step of the way. We see our role as helping your population reconcile healthy, science-backed weight management with the values and benefits of the body positivity movement.

Sustainable weight loss is about a lot more than a number on the scale.

Take a look at three practical strategies we teach to help people achieve their goals, no matter where they are along their wellness journey.

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To gain additional insights about body positivity, watch our latest webinar here.
Dr. Allison Grupski, Head of Behavior Change at WeightWatchers, offers a practical look at how you can help your population reconcile body positivity and weight management.

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